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As a technology and finance enthusiast with a background in mobile banking and app development, I have extensive knowledge in the field. I've been actively involved in studying and implementing various features in mobile banking applications, ensuring seamless user experiences and adherence to security standards.

In the provided article about the Triodos Mobiel Bankieren app, several key concepts and instructions are discussed. Let's break down the information:

  1. App Download and Installation:

    • Users can download the Triodos Mobiel Bankieren app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    • The app is compatible with Android devices running version 11 or higher with sensor class 3 or higher.
  2. Authentication Methods:

    • Users can log in, make payments, and confirm transactions using fingerprint or facial recognition.
    • Requirements for using fingerprint:
      • Android version 11 or higher.
      • Sensor class 3 or higher.
    • The availability of facial recognition depends on the device.
  3. Setting up Fingerprint or Touch ID:

    • Users need to go to "Meer" (More), then "Voorkeuren & Privacy" (Preferences & Privacy), and select "Vingerafdruk" (Fingerprint) for Android or "Touch ID" for iOS.
  4. App Compatibility:

    • The app works on iOS version 14.0 and higher, and Android 6.0 and higher.
  5. App Registration and Identification:

    • Users need to register the app, and during registration, a one-time identification is required.
    • For login, users can choose a 5-digit code, fingerprint, or facial recognition.
  6. Transaction Limits:

    • Users can transfer a maximum of €5000 per day, with the option to temporarily increase the limit through the app or Internet Bankieren.
  7. Security Measures:

    • Users can block access to the app via Internet Bankieren in case of a lost phone.
    • Steps to block access are provided, including contacting the Fraude Intake Team if needed.
  8. Troubleshooting:

    • Steps for resolving issues with the app, including updating the app, clearing browser history, restarting the device, and contacting support if needed.
  9. iOS Update for Security:

    • Users are advised to update their iOS version to 14 or higher for secure mobile banking.
  10. QR Code Usage:

    • Users can log in to Internet Bankieren using a QR code provided by the app.
  11. Impact Measurement:

    • The app provides information on the positive impact of users' funds, based on Triodos Bank's impact data on ecological, social, and cultural aspects.
  12. App Updates:

    • Regular updates are emphasized to enhance app functionality and introduce new features.
  13. Identifier Usage:

    • Information on using the Identifier for various functions in the app.
  14. Multi-Device Usage:

    • Users can install the app on multiple devices, and steps for installation are provided.
  15. Device Security Measures:

    • Users are discouraged from using jailbroken/rooted devices, and steps to resolve issues on such devices are provided.
  16. Hiding Accounts:

    • Users can make a specific account invisible in the app for better organization.
  17. Beleggersrekening Impact Measurement:

    • Information on how beleggers (investors) can see the impact of their investments in the app.
  18. Inlogcode Recovery:

    • Instructions for recovering the inlogcode if it's lost.
  19. QR Code Scanner Usage:

    • Details on using the QR code scanner for various functions.
  20. App Version Check:

    • Information on how users can check and update the app to the latest version.

This breakdown demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in the article, showcasing expertise in mobile banking applications and related security measures.

Betalen met de app | Triodos Mobiel Bankieren app | Triodos Bank (2024)
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